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calpod error on swept imdx channel

Question asked by rok on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by bhokkan

I was trying to calibrate with CalPods on a swept IMD for Converters (IMDX) channel on a PNA-X 43.5GHz using A.09.90.06 firmware.. However, when I was done with the cal and tried to 'Initialize Channel' using the Calpod menu, it crashed the network analyzer application. When I loaded it back up and tried it again, I get this error message:

'The calset was not created by a standard SParameter channel. The operation cannot be performed.'

My question is whether this is a valid error message or that Calpods cannot correct a swept IMDX measurement channel. If the answer is the latter, is there any other measurement classes that the CalPod intialization/recorrection won't work on?