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8722D : Service

Question asked by SergioMariotti on Oct 19, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2006 by dgun
My 8722D lose the phase lock for frequencies between 39.2 to 40.05 GHz.
Some time ago the problem became evident only when power level was at the power range limit , but now it always occurs , for all power levels, for every IF, for every sweep time and even for step sweep.

Since I've read into one AN that this problem is common for power levels at the edge of the power range, I think my problem may be solved by a tuning or alignament something before replace parts.

Before shipment of the instrument to Agilent Repair Center, are there some procedures that an advanced user may perform?

I've heard that some tunings are possible and may be performed via software without open the chassis. Is it correct?