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source power calibration in PNA-X using Receiver D

Question asked by rvv on Jun 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by Dr_joel

I am using PNA-X N5242A for testing my DUT. I am generating pulsed RF signal from Port 3 (using Trace S43) of PNA in frequency range of 3.1 GHz to 3.5GHz. I am using a RF cable (say "*Tx cable*") to connect Port 3 of PNA to my DUT. "*Tx Cable*" has loss of around 8 dB in  the specified frequency range. 
I am configuring pulse width 10uSec at 10% DUT cycle.
*source Pow calibration Setting:*
Tolerance in  is 0.1dBm
Max. Number of Readings is 20

I have to fed  RF pulsed signal @ 2dBm to DUT, so I am doing source power calibration upto the end of Tx Cable using receiver D of PNA.
calibration is getting passed. 

Now there is mainly two issues:

1. when I am connecting the Tx cable to spectrum analyzer to check the power level at DUT in the specified frequency, Spectrum analyzer is showing power level varying from 0.5dBm to 1.6dBm. Is it happening because I am checking power level at spectrum analyzer or PNA is not able to perform source power calibration correctly?

2. When I am checking the power level at Peak power meter (PPM). I am changing sweep points to 1 in PNA to generate RF pulsed signal at signal frequency then I am connecting Tx Cable to PPM. PPM is showing the -2dBm peak power. Is it happening because I am changing sweep points from 201 to 1.