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touchstone file viewer

Question asked by jprairie on Oct 2, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2006 by daras
can any of you comment on what you use to quickly view touchstone files? It seems to be something that is lacking in terms of featured touchstone file viewer, usually there are viewing tools that are built into  large simulation packages but I have not come across just a viewer. Do most people just end up writing their own?

here are the things we are hoping we can find in one package:

1) plot/view 1, 2, or 4 port touchstone files that adhere to the touchstone spec
2) plots at minimum log mag and phase
3) completely arbitray plot definition, ie S11 from file A overlayed with S22 from file B
3) overlay multiple pots
4) view multiple plots quickly, one at a time, like a data browser in a sense
5) zoom fucntionality and x/y range specifications
6) vector graphics output

by the way, does Agilent offer the VNA firmware in an offline mode? in other words can I use the firmware installed on a pc to crunch through data?