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Sliding loads in 85054B 18 GHz type-N cal kit.

Question asked by drkirkby on Jan 10, 2014
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I've bought a used HP 85054B cal kit, S/N 3101A09342. I've attached a couple of pictures which are relevant to my query, along with a copy of the relevant page from the manual. 

I'm a bit concerned about exactly how to use the sliding loads, as there is something a bit odd in the manual, and it may or may not apply to my kit, as the part numbers of the sliding loads are not the same as those in the manual. 

According to the manual, which is *supposed* to cover serial numbers with a prefix of 3101 or later, the sliding loads are

* 85054-60035 (male sliding load)
* 85054-60036 (female sliding load)

However, the part numbers in my kit are different, despite the serial number prefix is 3101. It is not because someone has substituted the loads, because they are the same part numbers as listed on the bottom of the box (see picture). The part numbers I have are: 

* 85054-80009 (male)
* 85054-80010 (female)

Are there any differences between these loads, and the loads mentioned in the Agilent manual? 

The current 850504B manual says to move the sliding ring to the following positions 

* position 1
* position 2
* 0.2" *beyond* position 3
* position 4
* position 5
* position 6

I'm puzzled why HP/Agilent/Maury Microwave/Keysight (anyone else???) did not put the 3rd position 0.2" further along. But more importantly I'm wondering if this 0.2" thing applies to my loads or not, since they are of a different part number to that in the Agilent manual, despite the manual should apply to the serial number of my kit. 

Does anyone have a manual which covers the sliding loads 85054-80009 (male) & 85054-80010 (female)? 


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