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Best scope choice for an EE mostly doing firmware development

Question asked by taydin on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by algoss
Hi, I am looking to either buy the DSO4104 with the I2C/SPI/RS232/UART options, or the DSO9104, which comes with free 500Mpts and one free option (which will be the I2C/SPI/RS232/UART bundle option). I am intending to use it as follows:

- To bring up a prototype hardware, with up to 100MHz digital signals present.
- To debug serial bus communication between CPU's.
- To send debugging data from a CPU to the scope to gain visibility to the operation of the embedded software. Most CPU's or ASIC's with embedded CPU cores hat I am dealing with don't have any software debugging tool support (no JTAG etc). But there is usually one free serial bus that I can use as a debugging output port.

The deep memory that comes with the 9000 will be very useful for the last item. Also, the serial protocol decoding support on the 9000 seems to be more powerful and offers more functionality.

But the 4000x seems to be far ahead in terms of waveform update rate. How much of a problem will it be to not have this update rate with the 9000?

Also the 4000x comes with the zone trigger standard. I have thought about how much I will need the zone trigger, and it seems for my use cases, I won't use it much.

Price wise, both are expensive, but there isn't much difference between these (around $5000), so if I make the plunge, I don't want to regret my decision later. What would you recommend?