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33500B w/ocx Dual Channel Sync Drift

Question asked by mitgnome on May 2, 2014
I have a dual channel 33500B Waveform Generator  with the ovenized crystal oscillator option.

I have channel 1 producing a 1 Hz 1ms wide pulses (PPS pulse)
and channel 2 producing a 10 Hz 1ms wide pulses.

I get them both running fine and align them using the Sync Internal button under Phase and they align very nicely.

But the two channels start to drift apart and within a few minutes they are out of phase by 1 ns and just progressively get worse until I get them back in sync by hitting the Sync Internal button again.

I am a bit surprised they don't stay phase locked. Am I missing something?

Also, when using the Sync Internal Button, is Channel 2 alway being phase locked to Channel 1? It is important in my application nt to disrupt the 1 Hz timebase.