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MXA N9020A - problem to measure intermod with narrow RF1 to RF2 offset

Question asked by mirek on Jun 26, 2014
I am testing intermodulation with offset RF1 to RF2 between 1KHz to 50KHz with frequency range between 10MHz to 300MHz  and I have problem getting reliable data.
What I am getting is IM3 with reading around 80-90dBc. If I change the offset to 1MHz with the same power from the both sources and same settings on Spectrum Analyzer I can get better then 110dBc.
My source generators are E8257D, and they should have sufficient phase noise to accommodate 1KHz offset. I am not sure about the MXA N9020A Spectrum Analyzer LO phase noise and how it will influence my measurement. I try also measure that with PSA 4440A - marginally better readings.

What else I can use to measure Intermodulation with such small offset between RF1 & RF2?