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Agilent 54620-61601 LOGIC ANALYZER PROBE CABLE (16 Channel)

Question asked by jselmir on Apr 9, 2014
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Our firm has bought oscilloscope: "MSOX3024A Oscilloscope: 200 MHz, 4, Analog Plus 16 Digital Channels".
We perform the measurement signal to the SDRAM in hardware devices that test. 
Signals period may be 0.5 ns (10 ^ (-9) second) to 20 ns (10 ^ (-9) seconds).
I have two questions about digital probes which are supplied with the oscilloscope.

1. Which is the maximum of delay from the actual values for displayed signal on the oscilloscope when measured with the digital probes?
2. Which is the maximum delay of the displayed signal relative to the actual signal from the digital probes?

Informations about digital probes are:
"Agilent 54620-61601 LOGIC ANALYZER PROBE CABLE (16 Channels)",
input Z:100 KOhm » 8pF, Max: ±40V

I would ask you if you have the documentation with the answers to these questions in electronic version (pdf, etc.) of the Agilent company that recommend it.

Thank you very much.

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