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E4446A Run-time error'13' Type mismatch to capture and transfer screenshot

Question asked by bob001 on Apr 8, 2014

I am currently studying PSA with remote controlling

i got sample code for PSA from

and I use GPIB cable to run sample software "screen" to transfer picture from E4446A to my PC

however, I am getting Type mismatch error. (plus , it created empty .gif file...)

I just start to run PSA, so I am not really sure why (because I ran this code with E4440A , but It was working for that device)

*_What is the problem to get this error ?_*

One more question, _if I can't use sample software to capture screenshot, how can I capture screenshot ?(with Visual Basic .NET)_

I use SCPI commend *"MMEM:DATA? 'C:SCREN075.GIF'"* to grap some data, it was returning some string value.

However, I am not really sure how to convert this value to GIF file


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Edited by: Bob001 on Apr 8, 2014 3:45 PM