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Bug introduced in VEE 9.32

Question asked by steveor on Jan 7, 2014

I posted this to back in mid-December.  Several other subscribers of the mailing list confirm the problem, so I'd like to report a bug.  I understand some Agilent employees subscribe to that mailing list, but I have yet to hear anything from Agilent and hope this will be addressed.

I have a VEE program that was developed in version 9.31 that was working fine.  Then, I downloaded the 9.32 version and now the program crashes.

I've made a code snippet that produces the error.  Here's the behavior:  The error code shown appears the first time I run the program.  Then, if I hit "Close" and run the program a few more times, it runs as I expect.  Sometimes, when I examine the contents of the array on the second run I get a HUGE array of gibberish.  Then, after hitting close and running again, I get the expected 10x10 array of "NaN".

Steve Ortiz