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EXA N9010A doubts

Question asked by vukadin on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by MikeM
Hello everybody,

We have recently purchased EXA N9010A signal analyzer 10 Hz-3.6 GHz with N6141A EMI Measurement Application. I tried to make precompliance measurement for a dimmer that we have and I got strange results (maybe I am doing something in a bad way because I am pretty new to EMC measurements). Problem is that when I am doing conducted measurements I am getting significantly higher values of disturbances in compare to those already made for that dimmer in process of compliance testing in a certified lab. So, after that I tried to measure disturbances when the input of the analyzer is terminated with 50 Ohms. I set parameters according to EN55015 (9kHz-30MHz band, RBW 200Hz and 9kHz, step size 50Hz and 2.25KHz, detectors: yellow -> peak, blue -> average), and set traces to MaxHold. I also add limit lines that I entered according to EN55015. You can see the results in attached file.

Are this reading OK? Or my settings are incorrect?

Another problem is that I can't found .lim files that are mentioned in EMC Measurement - Application Measurement Guide. Do they come with analyzer or I have to download them from somewhere?