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Problem with parametrized cosimulation (ADS 2013.06)

Question asked by msaleh87 on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by volker_muehlhaus
Dear all,

I have a problem with cosimulation. I want to parametrize the width of a microstrip line in layout then use this layout in the schematic for cosimulation, so I can sweep, tune, and optimize the design. 

Unfortunately I was not successful in that. Let me tell you what I do:

-I created a new layout under new cell "cell_1"

-In the layout, I created a microstrip line using polygon with a width of 10 mil, then I created a Normal/Perturbed parameter called "W" (EM > Components > Parameters) that controls the two vertices that control the width "Nominal vualue=10, Perturbed value=20"

-I then created EM simulation setup with both "Update EM Model when simulation is launched" and "Update Symbol when simulation is launched" checked, and I then launch the simulation and the results are OK.

-Then (EM > Component > Create EM Model and Symbol) followed by (Edit > Components > Update Component definitions)

-I Create a new schematic under a new cell "named cell_2"

-from "Display Component Library List" I choose the component "named cell_1 in this case". Now the layout symbol appears in the schematic with a parameter W=10 mil

-from "Choose View for Simulation" I choose emModel

-I put an "S-Parameter" controller with the same freq range as in the first simulation I performed while doing the layout. I put "Term" port and ground.

-When I simulate "without changing the parameter W" The result comes

However, when I change the parameter W "from 10 to 15 for example", one of the following situations randomly occurs (I have never succeeded to get the result):

*situation1: The simulation result is always the same whatever the value of W. There is no modified layout created under the new cell. There is a warning "Model data retrieved from  

*situation2: The modified layout is created under the new cell, but with an error message "fatal error occurred while evaluation model 'momCmpt'" . A EM Simulation Setup window appears with a red warning in the Em Model section under Model/Symbol and requires me to enter the name of the emModel "the new modified layout has no emModel I think"

*situation3: changing W manually works, but if there is a parameter sweep controller, I get the same error message "fatal error occurred while evaluation model 'momCmpt'"