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16900A software upgrade 3.70-5.80 / VSA software + license preservation

Question asked by dfnum2 on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by algoss

I have recently acquired a 16900A with some options installed, including the VSA software.  The analyzer came with version 3.70 software installed, and I could see some ARM9/11 trace software licenses, the various board memory upgrade licenses, and the VSA license when I queried the licence info. 

I have just upgraded the software to 5.80, a lengthy process involving installing XP service pack 3, removing the 3.70 software (after saving the contents of the license directories in the LA software directory and license server directory, according to the manual), and installing the 5.80 software, which involved multiple automated reboot cycles.

Now, the software reports that the license server is not reporting any licenses, and I see no hind of the VSA license when I query the installed licenses.  

I'm not sure exactly what extra step I need to take to get this part installed, but the VSA is a feature I would like to get back to operational state.  Also, will the older VSA software work, or do I need to upgrade that as well?  If so, does that require a support licence, or will my perpetual license support newer versions as well?   Would it be best to downgrade to an older version?

In case I munged the whole thing, I imagine that since the platform (if not the model number) is still supported, so I should be able to do a fresh install, and get with an HP rep to re-instate all the licenses for this machine, correct?