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Faulty 34410A

Question asked by jgorsk on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by jgorsk
I have a problem with my 34410A multimeter. In some ranges it measures properly,
in some with a little offset. I tried to calibrate it. It passed the ADC calibration but it fails
the DMM calibration. I get error 707 Calibration error: signal measurement out of range
in the first DMM calibration step which is zero adjustment.

I ran a self-test and got error 623 ADC Mesure Zero Overload Test. That error is not
mentioned in the service manual.

I tried to repair it  but it's difficult without a schematic and knowledge of the multimeter
operation. I checked all the components I could and they seemed to be fine.
Is it possible to get at least a part of the 34410A schematic which is associated
with the circuitry causing that error or some troubleshooting tips?