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DSO-X 2002A echo signal

Question asked by benitez9rh on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by algoss
Hello. I possess a DSO-X 2002A 2 channel 70MHz 2 GSa/s oscilloscope and I'm trying to two way travel time's on reflections in some boundaries within a core of rock through a transmitter/receiver P-wave transducer.
The problem is that I only see the impulse on the oscilloscope's display. I've checked the cables are connected in the right port's, went through all of the configurations possible (Itried to change the wave's frequency, amplitude, gain, damping, high and low pass filters and so on and it still isn't giving me a signal worth analyzing).

My core of rock has 6,5cm lenght, p-wave velocity is a tiny bit higher than 4000m/s and the first and most importante boundary within it is just after the first 1cm although the boundary that should give the highest impedance is the boundary of the core and the aluminum plate it has underneath (at 6,5cm) which I don't see either in the signal.

prtscr.jpg is the specs for the pulser;
sig_inter.png is the signal without the core attached to the transducer;
dig_read_inter.png is the signal with the core attached  to the transducer.

Can anyone help me figure out why I haven't been able to see a proper signal with the boundaries reflections?