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Sweep rate of E4446A in NFig Mode

Question asked by descoghlan on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by mirek
When I use the E44446A Spec in NFig mode, the sweep rate is > 6 seconds per sweep, for 11 freq points. is this reasonable - can it be set faster?

In NFig Meas Mode, the E44446A config is
1) Input tuned freq: 750M to 1250M , 11 points
2) Average OFF; RBW ="Auto" (set at 1MHz)
2) Internal pre amp ON (Option 1DS)
4) Down Converter MOde
4) Device Under Test;  typically NFig > 12dB, gain > 24dB.
5) Noise source : 15dB ENR.

The NFig Meter mode is 3 orders of magnitude slower than the spectrum analyzer mode. Is this reasonable.

Is there a way to manually control the sweep rate as in spec analyzer mode. In NFig mode, the sweep rate is 'grayed out", i.e disabled.