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HP 8662a digital freq Issue

Question asked by maynardb001 on Feb 5, 2015
I'm new to the forum and would greatly appreciate some help. I bought an HP 8662a for my antique radio hobby and it's having a freq set issue. I was doing a sensitivity measurement of a set when I noticed that when either entering a freq over 900khz to 1 mhz by keystroke or with the rotary dial, I get a code 99 and it is not changing the freq in that register or range. Once either below 900 khz or above it, the generator seems to work fine. I assume that I have a digital register, ( if that's the right term )  issue in the 900 khz range. My question is where do I find my problem, and is it a matter of a chip replacement or a whole module?  

After a little more research, I think that this function is on the reference divider board ( 08662-60151 ). Does this make sense? If so, how do I determine which chip has the bad flip/flop for the 900 khz register? Once again, this problem only occurs when I pass 899,999on the freq display and stops giving an error message when the generator hits 1 mhz.
Bruce (maynardb001)

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