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34410A: cannot set frequency range in frequency counting mode

Question asked by on Apr 30, 2013
In frequency counting mode, the term "Range" is assigned to voltage level and not the actual "frequency range". This results to a continuous changing display readout with a moving d.p. in two scales (Hz/KHz range). 

1. Can I program my 34410A for a stable d.p. in a fixed Hz or KHz frequency range?

In many oscillators a prescaler is used so the measured frequency is divided by the prescaler ratio. It would be nice to see the actual frequency in my display altering the actual readout.

2. Can I program 34410A for a "shifted"/none d.p. and possibly do a simple math calculation to see the "result" on the display? If this cannot be done using the standalone DMM, can I use SCPI (ex. via USB) to force display for an externally calculated measurement?