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SIW technology used to model high performance microwave antennas

Question asked by kaelly_farnham Employee on Apr 19, 2013
Read about how the new SIW technology is used to model high performance microwave antennas in a recent  blog post  from Antenna Systems & Technology

As designers move from RF to microwave frequencies, microstrip transmission lines on PCBs give way to waveguides as the best way to deliver low-loss signal transmission. However, traditional rectangular waveguides are expensive to make and take up considerable space. A technology that is quickly gaining popularity is the Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW), which provides the performance advantages of classic waveguide structures, along with the cost and size benefits of planar PCB designs. 

SIW technology is essentially a hybrid of microstrip and dielectric-filled waveguide (DFW) technologies.  Keep reading...