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E5071B ENA Calibration Kits

Question asked by WallyGator53 on May 21, 2014
I work with an Agilent E5071B and am needing to start characterizing some 75 ohm devices with F connectors. We have minimum loss pads. We are purchasing an Agilent 85039B 75 ohm F connector cal kit. I found some info on the Agilent web site that indicates that the E5071B will have a cal kit choice for the 85039B, but our VNA does not. The info indicated that cal kit is included in the version 9.1 and higher firmware. Our E5071B has F/W version A.09.10. 
I have also downloaded and unzipped the cal kit file into two .CKX files. I don't see any info on where these two files should go on the VNA hard drive.
How can I get the 85039B Cal Kit to become available as a Cal Kit choice?
Thanks in advance for any assistance,
Wally Rice
NTS Rockford, IL