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Cryptic sentence on 3000-X Data Sheet

Question asked by flanguasco on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by flanguasco
Hi all:
on the 3000-X Data Sheet, section WaveGen - Built in function / Arbitrary I read:

> Amplitude Resolution: 10 bits (including sign bit)***

And in the *** note:

> *** Full resolution is not available at output due to internal attenuator stepping.

Can anyone explain to me what does it mean?

In other terms, if I synthesize a signal of 2 Vpp what is the resulting resolution?
If one bit is reserved for the sign, is it correct to assume a resolution of 2 / (2^9) = 3.9 mV?
How the " internal attenuator stepping" comes in?

Ciao and thanks for the attention.