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34970A Measuring AC via python script

Question asked by rareust on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by drkirkby
Hello there.

I am measuring with the DAU 34970A on 3 channels (Temp, DC and AC) and reading them VIA GPIB interface in a python script
(windows7, visa package, pyvista 1.4 and python 2.7) reading and writing works fine and for the temperature and DC request i am receiving the correct values. however i am having issues getting the correct AC Data (around 150mV when 35mV anticipated). I think my configuration is wrong.

Here is the minimum version of the init file. 

instr_34970A = visa.instrument("GPIB::9")
idn_34970A= instr_34970A.ask("*IDN?")
   instr_34970A.write("ROUT:SCAN (@101, 103, 113)")

    instr_34970A.write("CONF:TEMP (@101)")
    instr_34970A.write("CONF:VOLT:AC AUTO, MAX,(@113)")
    instr_34970A.write("VOLT:AC:BAND MAX,(@113)")
    instr_34970A.write("CONF:VOLT:DC (@103)")


        VDC = instr_34970A.ask("MEAS:VOLT:DC? (@103)")
        Temp = instr_34970A.ask("MEAS:TEMP? (@101)")
        VAC = instr_34970A.ask("MEAS:VOLT:AC? (@113)")


Id be very thankful for any suggestions

Regards Ralph