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Differential impedance measurement on a balanced antenna

Question asked by tmcp on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2014 by tmcp
Hello, I want to measure the impedance of a printed dipole fed by a coplanar stripline (no ground). The antenna structure includes the mentioned coplanar stripline - to provide impedance conversion through a quarter-wavelength impedance transformer - and the dipole itself (radiating element). The CPS line has a gap of approximately 0.2mm. The antenna theoretically has 100 Ohm differential impedance which is what I am trying to experimentally confirm.

Hardware: E5071C

I have used a coax-based test fixture to obtain 2-port network scattering parameters and then converting it to a differential 1-port network. However, this did not sorted good results which led to me search for other options excluding printed or chip baluns.

Giving this, is it possible to achieve a accurate impedance measure on this printed dipole? I have been thinking using differential probes but I want to exclude this option and take it a ultimate solution. I have been thinking also in the possibility to build a set of TRL calibration boards but I do not know if this is even theoretically possible to achieve.

I need some guidance on this differential impedance measure using the hardware described above.

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