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Targeted Individual seeks company with Agilent Spectrum Analyzer E4448A

Question asked by 2014-06-28 on Jun 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by tinfoil_hat
This is a plea for help.  I am a Targeted Individual (TI) for short.  Using electromagnetic frequencies the US. Military (NSA?) tracks and targets me with pain and various exotic capabilities.  I want to find the frequencies of military satellites tracking me and identify those satellites for a court case against the NSA.  My attorney is John Durishan of Melville Johnson in Atlanta, GA.  I live just outside Seattle, WA in Shoreline.  

I need to find a company with the Agilent E4448A Spectrum Analyzer or better that has the capability to measure the military Satellite frequencies 26.5 GHz and above and identify those satellites.  Preferably one in WA State or Oregon.  Perhaps CA.  I just took the Agilent A+ seminar in Beaverton, OR.  Can you help?   

Laura Solway 206-365-6139 home 206-604-1216 cell.