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Mismatch of data between Agilent Data Logger 34970A and VEE program

Question asked by jacksonvee on Jun 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2014 by kuldups

We are using Agilent Data Acquisition System 34970A for acquiring temperature data and Agilent VEE 9 software for monitoring the same data through a GPIB - USB cable.
The data being displayed on the Data Acquisition System screen (with the VEE program not running) is not matching with the data being shown in the VEE program.
For example the Data Acquisition System screen is showing a value of 38 ^o^ C with the VEE program not running. As soon as the same channel is monitored through the VEE program it is showing 36 ^o^ C and at the same time the Data Acquisition System(data logger) display is being changed to 36 ^o^ C.
Please let us know the possible reasons behind this data mismatch.