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Phase locking multiple NA's

Question asked by kknox on Apr 23, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2007 by kknox
I'm setting up an far field antenna range, and have an option of several NA's (5062a, 8752a,8714).  Trying (2) analyzers - 1 @ range antenna and 1 @ the AUT side.

The problem is that phase measured at the receive end 'drifts' with time.  For example, it starts at 0degrees, and in 15mns will be 10degrees off.  Have simulated in the lab so far using a common 10MHz source (disciplined source & also an 8341B synthesizer).  I have tried various combinations of NA's as well as using the 8341B as an RF source - they all eventually drift.

Also varied the IF BW settings - no luck.

Any thoughts?

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