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is it possible to use LabVIEW control PNA-N5245A over Ethernet?

Question asked by w_yg on Sep 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by bhokkan


now , i am able to control N5245A using a GPIB cable, but i saw a thread said they can be connected over ethernet:
PNA-X N5245A and LabVIEW over Ethernet (S-Paremeters)


i wanna know how to make it done , i found this :

but i donnot know whether the PDF fits for N5245A? 

i tried to follow the PDF, but i cannot Map Network Drive. it always said i am using wrong account or password.

for the most,i wonder, is it possible to use LAN connection to replace GPIB cable? or they are used for different purpose?

please share some  tutorial about using PNA in LAN.

thanks a lot,