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Data Link 4.23 with Fieldfox N9923A (A.07.01)

Question asked by lf23 on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by lf23
Hi, since upgrading to the newer Data Link v4.23, i find that the user interfaces are not as user-friendly as compared to the previous version of v3.71. Below are my findings,

1) In the old v3.71, i was able to open up multiple plots of data and generate individual reports according to its saved filename (eg. R1.dlt, R2.dlt, R3.dlt).
    However, in the new v4.23, when i open up multiple plots of data and tries to generate the individual report, the saved filename remains as R1.dlt for every report. I will have to go back to main folder and fire up each data link then i will get the correct saved filename. This is rather time consuming and cumbersome.

2) In the new v4.23, occasionally I will encounter the following error messages when transferring the plot from the Fieldfox to Laptop:
a) "Error opening file: C:/..... .dlt. Parameter is not valid"
b) "Fail to connect to Parameter is not valid"

A solution is to just close the data link and fire up again. This is also rather annoying which never once happen when in v3.71.