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PNA manual (or COM) control of ECAL module short/open

Question asked by Whatsamatteru on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by Dr_joel
We have some PNA's with ECAL modules and would like to do the Operator's Check as a periodic test to ensure nothing's obviously wrong with the PNA's.  But, during the Operator's Check a 'real' short or open is required for some of the tests (it's not recommended to leave the port open), and this is an issue since all the user will have is the ECAL module, not an individual short/open.  

I did find some SCPI programming commands to control the ECAL path and it looks like you can program via SCPI what is present at the ECAL port, but I couldn't find anything in the COM programming or manually through a menu on the PNA itself.  Obviously, I could be missing something.

The PNA's will not be connected to a controller so the SCPI method is out.  A COM method (if available) could possibly be used as a MACRO under the Utility menu to set the ECAL to present a short/open at one of its ports.

We'd like to not have to get an additional short/open for the PNA's to be able to run the Operator's Check.

Is there something I'm missing (COM method/PNA menu setting)?  

Thanks for any help.