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Excel 2010 Causing VEE Crash

Question asked by doughorn on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2013 by doughorn

I am working with VEE 9.31 and in the program I am making Excel calls to open/write/close an Excel file where I am storing the converted scanned data.  I am having a problem where the program will freeze or shut down after performing the Excel open/write/close so many times.  I have changed the program to do the opening/closing less frequent and while it rungs longer in duration it still freezes a/o dies after about 2100 rows of data written to Excel.

I have upgraded to 9.31 and am using Excel 2010 file format.

I think it is a memory issue as the last time it died there was some operating system error about low memory.

The system I am using has 4 Gigs of Ram and is running two instances of VEE, this program and another VEE program which only writes to a CSV file.  That program runs fine and has not had a proble for months.  I also run an instance of Bench Link for a 34970A.

Any ideas?

Do others make Excel calls with no problems?

Is VEE a huge memory hog and I don’t have enough?


Doug Horn