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Using :DIGitize command to acquire data problem !

Question asked by mulligan252 on May 13, 2014
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Is :DIGitize the only command to use to acquire data remotely from a scope?

We have an experiment where we are trying to acquire waveforms at a trigger frequency up to 10Hz (hardware trigger connected to the scope). 
We are loosing some of these waveforms as the trigger frequency increases to 10Hz because the :Digitize command takes so long . :DIGitize is followed by :WAVeform:DATA? in a loop in C code. 

If however I don't use :DIGitize and just send :WAVeform:DATA?, there is no loss of data but then the acquisitions happen independent of the trigger. It is of course possible to poll the trigger register remotely in my code to determine when a trigger occurs but then this is more or less a software dependent trigger.

Is there some other command or method to wait for a trigger on the scope side and then transfer the data without using :DIGitize as this seems to take too long clearing the buffers, stopping the acquisition etc.

I would appreciate any help or ideas for this. Many thanks in advance

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