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L4534A digitizer web page - Java application blocked by security settings

Question asked by bill_holland_hp on Jun 16, 2014
The newest versions of Java from Oracle block self-signed security certificates not from a trusted authority, such as in the web page served by my L4534A Digitizer.

I'm running Java Version 7 Update 60.  A Google search shows a workaround is available.

From :

Steps to Add URLs to the Exception Site list
1. Go to the Java Control Panel
    In Windows, click  Start -> All Programs -> Java -> Configure Java
    (The Java icon in Control Panel does not contain the Exception Site List setting)
2. Click on the Security tab
3. Click on the Edit Site List button
4. Click Add in the Exception Site List window

For example, my L4534A is on the LAN at, so I added to the Exception Site List.  Now all is good.