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N5182A I/Q differential output ...

Question asked by debugasm on Sep 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2013 by debugasm

I have one Agilent N5182A with option "1EL" Differential I/Q output. Until now I have never used these outputs because I did not need, but today I noticed that they have some problems, but I'm not sure.

The signal on BNC output Ip and Qp are within specifications, but signal on BNC In and Qn are not.

I connected the 4 outputs Ip / In / Qp / Qn on oscilloscope and the relationship between Ip and In is 10:1 (Ip = 1Vpp / In = 100mVpp). The phase of p/n is ok (180° offset) but the amplitude is not the same.

Is a hardware problem ? It broke something ? Or should it be so ?

I have made Full Internal test and Generator report all ok.

What can I check ?

What do you recommend ?

Trace 1 = I positive signal
Trace 2 = I negative signal


Trace 1 = Q positive signal
Trace 2 = Q negative signal


Thanks very much