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error Converting ADS design kit for using on ADS 2013 version

Question asked by armin on Sep 20, 2013
I have TSMC .18 design kit which is supported by ADS 2009 I did what had been Instructed in order to be capable of using it in ADS 2013 but at the end I run into this error:

Warning(s) reported: 
Conversion Error: translating 'TSMC_CM018RF_DIODE' to cell 'TSMC_CM018RF_DIODE' in library 'TSMC_CM018RF' (conversion continues):
Design "SYM_TSMC_CM018RF_DIODE" was saved using a version of ADS older than 2004A (file version 7300). This old version is not fully supported for conversion to the current version of ADS. Check the converted design carefully. For best results, load the design into ADS 2009 Update 1 and re-save it.

i didn't get how should i resave it after installing the kit on ADS 2009. plz explain step by step if you know

I would be Thankful is some body help me.