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Anyone able and willing to measure a waveguide filter for me?

Question asked by drkirkby on Apr 19, 2013
I'm in the proess of putting together a home-made waveguide calibration kit at X-band (WR90 waveguide) for amateur radio. I'd like to have some idea if that kit is working, but it is hard to know, as I have nothing to compare it with. My kit will consist of a 

* Short
* Load 
* Shim of around 0.25 wavelengths long.
* Standard section of about 200 mm long. 

I have bought a couple of waveguide filters from eBay

which were just to play around with. 

Is there anyone with a waveguide calibration kit, such as the Agilent X11644A able to measure the S-parameters for a filter, and send them to me? You can keep the filter or throw it in the bin. I'd just like to know if I can get the same or similar results with my home-brew calibration kit. 

At this moment in time, I have neither the filters or all the bits for the calibration kit, but they should all be here in a week or so. 

Dave, G8WRB.