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PNA - Cal Set Viewer and Power Sweep cals...

Question asked by CraigEwens on Apr 16, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2007 by CraigEwens
Hi this topic is split into two questions...

1. As part of the PNA application there is a "Cal Set Viewer" which allows me to load a saved cal file and examine the calibration data as a plot.
Can the Cal Set Viewer application be obtained as a separate application to allow viewing of calibration files away from the PNA? If yes, could someone point me to a URL for download or upload it here please? Can it also provide the calibration data as a table for pasting into Excel for example?

2. Still related to cal files; I have set up a power sweep and performed a response calibration saving the data to a cal file. Due to the test conditions this calibration takes 20minutes or so (many averages). Since we have many different frequencies to calibrate across i was wondering about performing just one power sweep calibration then adjusting the frequency for the measurement. The PNA allows this and places a * beside the calibration.
Firstly; any comments about doing this? bad idea or really bad idea?
Secondly; in trying to answer this question myself, I have performed the power sweep response calibration at a low frequency, at mid band and at a high frequency and wished to compare the calibration data... if when compared it was a negligible difference then i was to say it would be ok... unfortunately when i load in my cal set into the viewer for this power sweep calibration my plot looks different to what i would have expected. The x-axis was in frequency (start & stop both being the same spot frequency i used for my power sweep) and i was unable to determine what the y-axis was about.
Could someone please explain this to me?

Thanks again!