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E4438C Service Note 12 Instalation Patch Utility where can I get it?

Question asked by techdog on May 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by jlubecky
I have a ESG Generator E4438C that has a A13 failure, I have a new board E4400-60659. To install it the service note says to upgrade the firmware and then run the Instalation patch utility to complete the process. I can not locate this file anywhere. Where can I locate it for download?

When a customer or self maintainer has a unit that requires an
output board to be replaced and the unit currently has an E4400-
60505 or E4400-60514 board.
Send the unit into an Agilent service center for installation of
the new E4400-60659 assembly.
Firmware will be upgraded to latest released version (greater
than C.03.73).
Service center will run the installation patch utility for E4400-
Service center will use the latest release of E4438C TME software
to perform adjustment and verification of the replaced A13 output
board assembly.

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