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How to convert inductor into a equivalent MLIN and make work as inductor

Question asked by nimbargi on Aug 2, 2014
       I have 205nH inductor, 205nH inductor is used as my feedback inductor in my circuit. Using internet link, I have converted the inductor into equivalent MLIN with length = 161.5mm , Width= 0.9mm, and T=0.035mm. 
        Substrate details as follows
                       H(Height)= 0.508mm

          Now I have used MLIN of above said length, width, and thickness to my circuit, my circuit is totally working differently earlier whatever I have used lumped value of inductor L=205nH.
         I want to avoid the inductor in my circuit, because of that I have used the equivalent MLIN for that inductor.
         How to convert correctly inductor value into equivalent MLIN and make it work in circuit.