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Difference between the current values between supplies and drivers

Question asked by sehoon on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by paulf

I am using a power supply 6573A to provide power to drive maxon motors. The drivers I am using are also maxon's ESCON Module 50/5s, and the motors are maxon's EC-i40, which are BLDCs. The drivers control motors using current control mode, and the current set values are given from a upper controller.

One thing that I cannot understand is that the current value that is shown on the power supply (6573A) is much less than the current set value (which is almost the same as the actual current value measured by ESCON Module 50/5). Even when the current to a motor is controlled to go over 3A, the digits on the power supply never goes more than 2A.

Is this phenomenon is common? something like 3 phase AC vs DC?
I want to make sure there is nothing wrong here and I can go on even though there is this difference.

Any kind of advice will be appreciated.