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Oscilliscope VI for Acqiris Digitizer

Question asked by cbrooks8593 on Jun 13, 2014
First of all, my apologies if this isn't the correct forum for this post, but I didn't see a better one. If there's a better one for me to post in please let me know.

I'm trying to create an oscilliscope-style interface for an old Acqiris (now a subset of Agilent) digitizer (DC240). Since it's an old MXI-3 system, the only way I could connect it is by daisy-chaining the Acqiris compact PCI Crate (cc108) with MXI-3 controller (XC100) to an NI PXI-8335 with MXI-3 connection in an NI PXI system run by an embedded controller (PXI-8104 running Windows XP). Because the Acqiris crate is not NI (and doesn't have a chassis.ini file anywhere that I can find in its driver, program files, etc.), MAX does not recognize the chassis, and just displays it as an "unidentified chassis", and therefore will not display the digitizer itself as a device. The digitizer is definitely connected, though, because in the Agilent software program which came with the digitizer, it does function properly.

With this hardware setup, I'm trying to run the pre-made LabView VI which initializes the digitizers (Acqrs_InitWithOptions), but it displays an error (code -1074116416, ACQIRIS_ERROR_INTERNAL_DEVICENO_INVALID). The initialize function is supposed to return an "intrsumentID" int, but just displays the error message. Would it be possible to write my own initialize VI that finds the digitizer and returns this ID? I wish I could describe in more detail what the pre-made initialize funciton does, but it just uses a "call library function node" to call a DLL file which I can't access.

Or if there is another solution to get the Agilent LabView VIs to run (e.g. get MAX to recognize the chassis, manually find the instrumentID, etc.), I'd be glad to try anything at this point.

I do know the serial number, hardware ID, and PCI bus/slot of the digitizer, but entering this information into the pre-made VI (it can supposedly read either the PCI info or the serial number as a string in order to locate the digitizer) does not work. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.