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Automatic screenshot in "Single Shot" or "Normal" trigger mode

Question asked by haraldschweitzer_besi on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by bret
at our company, we own both a DSO-X-3034A and a MSO9254A. We wonder if it is possible to set up one of these scopes to automatically save a screenshot to the disk (or USB) when a trigger occurs ("Single" or "Normal" trigger mode).
This would be very helpful when observing and debugging phenomenas, which occur very rare, for example once or twice a day.

For example, we once had a PLL, which randomly lost its lock, but very rare and only for a short duration. We could have then triggered on the lock signal and together with the automatic screenshot we could have observed some input- and output-signals at exactly the time when the lock was lost.

We didn't find anything about such a topic in the documentation nor in the forum, any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
best regards, Harald.