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Testing wideband Differential Amplifiers

Question asked by andyw on Jul 16, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2013 by andyw
One of our customers requests a way to test a Differential Amplifier from 10 KHz to 6 GHz.
PNA with iTMSA is not valid for this as the lower-end is 10 MHz and a Hybrid with this multi-octave span is not realizable.

I was thinking I could tie two EXG's together with Option 012 (Phase Coherency) but this appears to be confined to the BW of the vector modulator from the literature.  Not clear.
It does seem that associating the two EXG's with the 10 MHz reference input would not maintain a coherent phase relationship, instead only frequency locking.  Is that correct?

Can a sweep from 10 KHz to 6 GHz with two vector EXG's made phase coherent be accomplished that provides the desired quadrature relationship between the 2 unit's outputs? 

If Option 12 is not suitable for this purpose, is there a way to associate two EXG's of either vector or analog type to accomplish this quadrature-relationship swept behavior?
As an associated question, if this quadrature relationship can be established, would it be possible to sweep with any coherent phase relationship?

Thanks !