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using a c dll that references a c dll

Question asked by phil765 on Aug 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2013 by changmeikuan

I'm a C# developer and one of my dlls is to be used in an agilent vee programs. My library is just a wrapper for a C dll and when I use it within agilent vee, it can't find the C dll. The problem seems to be that it is looking in C:\Windows\system32.

How can I tell agilent vee to copy the C dll as well? Alternatively, I would need the path of the executed .vee program. Then I could copy it as part of the vee program. I can neither copy it by hand nor tell agilent vee to copy it by giving it an absolute path. Later, the program has to run from an arbitrary network folder, so I don't know the folder in which the C dll lies beforehand.

I tried to include it via Device > Import Library, but it seems that agilent vee has a problem with the corresponding header file. As I have not written the C library, I would loath to adapt it as well. 

Thank you for your help.