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More issues with TME and E8257D

Question asked by patricks on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by tabbott
Thanks for the help with the previous problem, but now there is a different problem. The E8257D is an option 550 and when the software tries to run the high band adjustment it fails. I've noticed that when it runs through the -3dBm test it runs very quickly and the power meter will drop dramatically in the higher frequencies (usually a drop between -10 or -11dB above 30GHz), but when the next to tests (-13dBm and -18dBm) run, they are much slower and show no significant drops. I've run something similar by hand and have not seen any drops that badly. The equipment being used switches up, I consistently use the 8487A power sensor, but I switch between the E4419B and the N1914A power meters (same problems with both meters).