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Where can I find ADS example or turioral

Question asked by karaisan on Apr 6, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by Yuuta
In the attached file, a scrren capture
I find some infomation interested from ADS help: 
1 "LFM Waveform Generation" 
2 "LFM Using Direct Digital Synthesis" 
3 "LFM Chirped Transmitter and Receive Simulation" 
4 "LFM Two Target Modeling and Detection" 
5 "LFM with RF Transmitter" 
6 "LFM with RF Transmitter and Receiver" 
7 "LFM Radar Receiver Simulation" 
I don't know they are documents or examples or something else, I search them in the website of agilent or in ADS help, but I can't find them, then how can I get them?