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Interrupting and saving averaged sweeps

Question asked by pnauser on Aug 30, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2006 by odanzy
A question on our N5230A PNA Network Analyser.  Say I have started a scan with 100 sweep averaging ("SWEEP AVERAGE ON").  I triggered the sweep with 100 group trigger option.  Everything works fine, I can signal average 100 traces that way.  Say, however, I would like to quit the scan after 40 accumulations and save the results accumulated up to that point (i.e. averaged data for 40 sweeps).  How can I do that?  Seems if I halt trigger, and save the data in .prn format (to get ASCII output files), the data saved in files will contain a mixture of data from sweeps 40, and 41 (i.e. some of the data saved was averaged over 41 sweeps, as some of the 41st sweep may have started at that point).  Just decreasing the group trigger number does not seem to do the trick either.

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