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help with ADS mextram simulation

Question asked by DSTEPHENS on Apr 29, 2013
Hi there,

I am trying to set up simulations using our own bipolar models. The challenge is that the process blocks are all defined for spectre. The simulations are being performed from the command line using a netlist.

I have a script that calls the required device model with 'simulator lang = spectre' and then 'simulator lang = ads'. The model calls a 4 terminal bipolar device ( c b e s). However, the ads compiler reports the 'e' as being unconnected... with 'the following nodes have only one device attached to them X1._e_ads'.

When I go into the script that calls the spectre model and short the 'e' to ground, the error message disappears and the simulation results are correct. 

It appears that ads references a 3-terminal bjt model, where the process block I'm using is defined as a 4 terminal device. Could you advise how I can correct this such that ADS simkit calls a 4-terminal device?

Many thanks for your help. If you require any additional information please do advise.