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Emulator Design

Question asked by ybh on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by ybh
Currently I am doing my Final Year Project on a topic of emulator design. It requires to build a software which translates the existing specific system commands into new ones that can be recognized by new instruments. For example, we are using the system designed for 8657 Sig Generator, and now we want to switch to EE4422, without changing the whole software system, we would like to drive the new instrument with the old software. 

I know that there is one Agilnet emulator that does the same function, yet I need to create a software by myself. What I have in mind now is that I will translate the old system commands into a new one designed by me then I will do the same thing to the new system commands, so I may match the cooresponding commands and build the bridge between them.

I have decided to write the software with Visual Basic, yet I am not so sure about the feasibility of my method. Therefore, I sincerely look for some advice.
Thank you.