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Amplifier with S2P File and additional declaration of NF etc.

Question asked by AndyF on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2020 by yaneni

I am newbie at ADS so I hope my question will be ok. I already studied the documentations but I wasn't able the find something similar to solve my problem.
In the first step I want to simulate a reveicer system by using simple elements. I want to make some power budget, getting the system NF, S-Parameters etc.

For this in the first step I want to do a schematic including an amplifier with is discribed py an S2P-File. But now I also want to inlcude some additional parameters
like NF, compression point, ...

But I didn't find a model with includes the opinion to read an S2P file AND setting parameters. 

Mybe some of you has an good advice for me.